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At Goodin Plumbing we are focused on providing plumbing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We offer fair pricing and honest service. Goodin Plumbing is family owned and operated and treats our customers and employees like part of our family. 

Meet our Family!!!

J.C. began working for his dad when he was a small boy.  He officially began his trade after his high school graduation in 1993.  J.C. earned his Journeyman Plumbing license in 1998. He worked for his dad, Gary, for 20 years before his dad's retirement in 2014. In preparation of taking over the family business, J.C. earned his Master Plumbing license in January of 2013 and continues to complete all of the required continuing education courses necessary to maintain licensing each year.  J.C. also completed the Responsible Master Plumber course through PHCC and has carried on the family business under the Goodin Plumbing name since January 2014. 

Courtney graduated from Midwestern State University with a BBA degree in Business Administration in December of 2000. She has spent over 25 years in the medical field helping to manage various business offices.  Courtney recently transitioned to our full-time Office Manager working side-by-side with J.C. to manage Goodin Plumbing.  They have been married since June of 1999 and have two beautiful daughters as well as a variety of livestock they care for.

Bailey is their 18-year-old daughter. She is a Freshman at Clarendon College competing on their rodeo team in barrel racing and goat tying.  She is a recent graduate of Petrolia CISD.  Bailey loves all things horses. She and her horse, Babes, have been all across the state competing in various Youth Rodeos and other 4H events in addition to running barrels in various rodeos.  She recently acquired her UPRA card and is continuing to tune Babes up in plans for her official rookie season next year. She is currently training her 4-year-old, Chief, as well. Bailey has always been very active in sports competing with her Petrolia teammates in volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country and track.  She plans to earn a degree in the equine industry and pursue a career in equine rehabilitation and management.. 

Ainsley  is their 15-year-old daughter and is a Sophomore at Petrolia CISD. She has followed her big sister competing on her horse, Denim, in playdays, youth rodeos and barrel races as well.  Ainsley is also very active in sports including volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country and track and cheerleading.  Ainsley aspires to be a vet but prefers the smaller breeds and has taken on a big interest in carrying on the Goodin Plumbing family business!

Gary and Karen enjoyed their years servicing customers through Gary Goodin Plumbing Company. Gary began plumbing in the early 70's working for his Uncle Jay Chadwick at Morris Plumbing continuing his career with Nunn Plumbing after serving 4 years in the US Navy.  After 20 years with Nunn Plumbing, Gary ventured out on his own and built the company many of our customers knew as Gary Goodin Plumbing Company.  His 50+ years of experience continues to be a valuable resource to Goodin Plumbing and our customers as he provides occasional consulting services as needed.  Karen began her business career with Best Stores and was the sweet voice of Gary Goodin Plumbing Company for 20 years. She took a break from the plumbing industry for several years and then hired on as Goodin Plumbing's secretary in the summer of 2018 until she passed in November 2020.  

Meet our extended family!!!


Cody Blanscet, Journeyman Plumber:  Cody has a long history with Goodin Plumbing.  He worked as an apprentice plumber along-side JC early in his plumbing career and then re-joined Goodin Plumbing in the spring of 2021 after earning his Tradesman Plumbing License.  Cody has continued to grow in knowledge and skill and works hard every day to exhibit the high-quality work that Goodin Plumbing is known for.  He acquired his Journeyman Plumber license in the summer of 2022 and continues to work along-side JC to grow Goodin Plumbing in both quality of services provided, excellence in customer service and expansion into variety of services provided in the Wichita Falls plumbing industry.  Cody and his wife, Kelsey, have an 11-year-old daughter, Carter, who has taken a huge interest in a future in the plumbing industry and is excited to become a big sister this September!


Jon Yelle, Tradesman Plumber: Jon joined our team in October 2020.  He has worked hard to learn the art of the plumbing industry and completed all of the requirements to obtain his tradesman license in the fall of 2022.  Jon has strong customer service skills and dedication to Goodin Plumbing and our customers and continues to work towards earning his Journeyman's license.


Bryan Tucker, Apprentice Plumber:  Bryan joined our team in the summer of 2021.  He came to us with a history of irrigation and water services and works daily with our plumbing team to learn the details of the plumbing industry.  Bryan is currently working towards earning his Tradesman license in the future.


Chesmun Schnick, Apprentice Plumber:  Chesmun joined the Goodin Plumbing team in December of 2022 as an apprentice plumber and has quickly advanced in knowledge in the industry.  Chesmun and his wife, Kylie, are expecting their first child in late winter.  Chesmun is also working towards earning his Tradesman license.

Joshua Cohn, Master Plumber:  Josh is our newest family member.  He joined the Goodin Plumbing team in August of 2023 as a Master plumber with Backflow and Medgas licensing.  He has vast knowledge in the industry.  Josh and his wife, Amberley, are very family oriented and spend their free time chasing their kiddos around to all sorts of kid's events.  Josh is a backflow specialist and works hard to ensure your backflow devices are working properly.

Goodin Plumbing is always looking to improve our team by hiring licensed plumbers!!! Applicants will be expected to continue to provide the excellent customer service and workmanship that Gary and J.C. have provided to our community for over 30 years. 

Interested applicants can call our office at (940) 766-4411, email a resume to, or stop by our office at 2938 Hunter St. in Wichita Falls to apply.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our family!  

Please give us a call at (940) 766-4411 to discuss any of your plumbing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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