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Goodin Plumbing Services

Goodin Plumbing strives to provide quality services at a fair price. 

Most of our service fees can be found in the information below. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss any specific job-related costs, project planning, billing questions, concerns with work completed or any other job-related questions or concerns.  

Thank you for the opportunity to schedule services for your project needs!




*A full service fee applies to any onsite estimates. 


*Typically, there is no fee for a verbal estimate over the phone.  However, if your project requires extensive time and research to prepare, you may be billed for time to plan your project needs.


*You will receive a credit for your paid estimate fee when we complete and invoice the service you received an estimate for.

*Estimates provided are 'best guess' based on information supplied at the estimate.  We are not able to anticipate circumstances that are out of our control. 


*Estimates are not considered bids.  Customer's are responsible for the full cost of the job regardless of the estimate provided. 


*We will keep you informed of any additional fees as soon as we determine the need. 


Scheduling Service Calls 


Service time is scheduled based on the information supplied at the time the service call is placed.  Please be sure to include all information regarding repairs or projects needed, status of the structure or property, access information, etc. so we can schedule time appropriately. 


*Additional "While you are here" requests may require a separate service call to be scheduled in order to complete the additional tasks.  We will do our best to accommodate what we can in the allotted time scheduled. 


*Customer Service and quality plumbing is our #1 goal.  Please be sure to direct any concerns with service and/or billing to our office at (940) 766-4411 or to JC directly at (940) 704-8133.


Thank you for respecting the scheduled time for our technicians' and other customers' needs.  


Service Fees


*$125.00 per service hour 

(fee includes one technician)

*$175.00 per service hour

(fee includes two technicians)

*All services are billed out at a minimum of one service hour from the time dispatched.

*Service call time includes travel to the service location, time to research repairs needed as well as necessary travel needed to obtain parts required to complete repairs or project work.  We keep a minimal stock of common service material needs on our vehicles, however, depending on the nature of the repair(s), additional materials may be needed.   

*Customers may request a single technician for their service needs.  However, in our experience, most services can be completed much more efficiently with two technicians on hand at the time of the repairs. Goodin Plumbing reserves the right to schedule two technicians based on the type of services provided to ensure the safety of our crew.

After hours &

Emergency Service fees

Goodin Plumbing's regular operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.  Any services scheduled outside of regular business hours per the customer request or in an emergency situation will be billed at time-and-half of regular service rates. 

$187.50 - per service hour for 1 technician

$262.50- per service hour for 2 technicians


Additional Fees:


*Materials supplied by Goodin Plumbing will be billed to the customer.  (Warranties do not apply to customer supplied material.)


*Sales tax will be billed to the customer as appropriate and required by law.  

*Be sure to include any business and/or tax-exempt status information at the time you place your call.




*$20 additional fee for drain cleaning


*$100 additional fee for camera service


*$175 additional fee per day of excavator use


*$50 additional fee plus cost of any rental fees for additional equipment specific to your job (jackhammer, concrete saw, trenching machines, etc.)


*$25 NSF or returned check fee


Payment for services is due at the time services are rendered. 


*$5 monthly fee may be assessed each month for balances not paid within 30 days of the service date.


We pay our employees' labor and any job material costs at the time services are rendered.  Thank you for respecting our financial obligations and making prompt payments on balances due!


*Customer service and quality service is our #1 priority.  If you have any questions or concerns about your plumbing, billing, etc.  please contact our office at (940) 766-4411 or JC Goodin directly at (940) 704-8133.

We appreciate all of your positive feedback.  Please leave us a positive review on Google if you loved your experience!

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